Here is my perfect, happy family, with me the radiant and glowing matriarch of my own small clone army.I happen to be the ideal wife and mother, doing it all in a day, putting up beautiful DIY projects, writing my own recipes, photographing my perfect home and crafts, then throwing in the odd joke about it all that makes you grind your teeth, look at your life and think, “Where the hell does she get all of that energy?!:”Yada yada.*Insert more narcissistic garbage here*

Yeah, right. Right?!I am sure, when I am having one of those “I rule at life!” days, you will see a side of me that can be having one of those perfect moments or you might encounter some entries along those lines. I can be a bit Martha when mania strikes and may whip up something kind of neat for ya- please don’t gag over it and be sure to come back again! I am certain, at some point, you will feel right at home.If I’m going to be honest, a real About Me page for an average lady, such as myself, may read more like this;I’m an only recently domesticated wild thing, who is now rearing 5 mini wild things and trying not to lose my sanity. I’m a bit post-partum chubby, struggling with the isolation of SAHM life, needing a vacation and I enjoy naps. I say that I enjoy them but, as I haven’t gotten one since my 3rd child was born, I may be wrong about that. Throw me a frickin’ bone here, will ya?! Or maybe some merlot…and a cupcake?It’s Christmas in this one;

I lamented over outfits, barked at my kids to puhlease not spill anything on themselves prior to us having these taken and I redid my hair about 6 times, all while muttering curse words that would make a sailor blush. I gave up trying to look presentable, covered my locs and settled on the fact that I will never be an Instagram model. Then we all got together to show off  how careless, stressfree, happy and well-kept we are. Ha!
Sound familiar?Yep, that’s me. That’s us. I am a 30-year-old stay at home Mama to our children who are 13, 11, 6, 4 and a year old. I used to work in office management and Human Resources but my husband decided he wanted to breed like a bunny so, upon the birth of our 3rd child, I gave that up. We are your average, middle-class, Canadian family. Mum is naturally-inclined and exploring that rabbit hole, Dad works too much but still makes time for all of us and the children are the human equivalent to hummingbirds on cocaine. Some of our stuff is “fancy”, some of our stuff comes from Wal Mart and some of it is second-hand. We work hard, we are not perfect and I will not answer any of life’s great mysteries on this blog, nor can I provide some incredible daily lessons and tutorials that you can follow like the gospel, all in order to wind up June Cleaver.

What I will do though, is provide you with honest, genuine and somewhat humorous distraction from the mundane. I’ll give you some quick coping tips on how to survive life in the wild (aka as a stay-at-home mama) by way of crafts, child-friendly activities, recipes that keep hubbies happy and the odd wine review. That will help. I will also show you neat products that make life easier, or ones that keep me from looking as haggard as I feel on a regular basis. I write about the relationships that are important to me, and the lessons I’ve learned from them, in the hopes to save you some time and harsh lessons of your own. I will cheer you on, put forth the good vibes, join you on your journey, let you walk with me on mine and hope the positivism will lead you to encourage others in their walks of life too. I’m a “crunchy” lady so many of my views and posts will have that kind of feel but I don’t write from a pedestal, as I know it’s pretty easy to be knocked off.I aim to focus on the ideal balance of the home, family and self. Isn’t that what we’re all after?
You can read more about that in my Mission Statement!But more about my kiddoes, if you’re interested;

  • The oldest, Ben, is ready to pounce on his brother any second. That is a constant in the household and if he is not doing his big brotherly duties where pestering is concerned, he’s taking the very best care possible of them. I couldn’t be more proud of Ben, who I already know will make an amazing father someday. He’s the glue in our family, I think, and will be the sibling to make sure all of the Bear children stay close after I am long gone. He loves all sports, all things dangerous and testing our patience- he does so in very funny ways, although I will never admit that to him. He is 13, going on 19, and thinks he’s The Shit at this age. Sometimes I think he’s a shit too, only not the same way.
  • The youngest son, Ethan, is waiting to ask me a hundred million questions at all times. He’s crafty, a recovering video game addict and he likes hugs. I like to give them so that works out well. He’s my “bonus baby” and comes with many challenges that adoption often entails, although he rises to it and surprises me on the regular! He is blossoming into a kiddo with a quirky sense of humour, has the most hilarious laugh and he becomes more social every day. He’s the one the girls go to for a good game idea and he’s the most open conversationalist in the bunch. He’s pretty kickass.
  • The big sister, Charlii, is under the impression that she runs the show and is preparing to let someone know as much at all times. She is a diva, who charges around with sarcastic comments and a high pitched, blood-curdling scream that reaches a decibel where I have to fear my windows may shatter. She enjoys the colour purple, Uncle Jesse (who doesn’t?!) and being cooler than other 6 year olds. She is.
  • The one hiding under the bangs there is Cadira, aka Chicky. She’s my flower child with a banshee temper. She’s the sweetest soul, quick to smile and even quicker to hug. She always wants to “tell you something” and will chat your ear off once you’ve worked through days of shy silence. She’s a mother hen, although also a bit of a spaz so she can irritate her baby sister a great deal. Some of her favourites include looking like Rapunzel, dance parties and anything pink or sparkly. I feel like she has an old soul, as if I’ve known her before, and she will melt your heart if you ever meet her.
  • The littlest one, Aradia, goes by Bubs or Bubby for the moment. She is the funniest, most endearing little nutjob to spend time with. I have no complaints raising tiny humans, as all of mine have been incredibly easy babies. This one, however, is the only child I’ve had that’s always attempting to eat something not made for ingestion. Occasionally that includes a crayon while we colour together, a lego or something out of my garbage if I have been distracted long enough for her to steal a quick bite (which is probably 2.2 seconds). Wtf? When I’m not telling her, “Spit it out!”, she likes to spend her time reading books, showing her belly for kisses and saying “I dunno” with her arms out. She also loves pockets and strolls around with a hand in hers like she’s a 50s gangster.
  • My husband, Bryan (aka Bear) will get his own post to elaborate upon us. Check it out if you want to know who that large, loveable looker is!

Now that you know the main characters, I hope you’ll come back to keep us company.  My blog won’t always be politically correct- or mentally sound for that matter. There will be the occasional post with plenty of colourful language, some touching moments and some excellent product reviews. I promise to be open, honest, helpful, almost 100% grammatically correct and somewhat amusing.I post in earnest and honesty because someone, somewhere out there, lives this life. Whether you want to internet-admit as much may be a different story but, hey, now you don’t feel so alone. Please follow me- or, better yet, subscribe by email and help a sista out with some viewing props! You can also get in touch, friend me, or judge me via my Facebook link or Twitter. Check out the “Contact Me” page for more information.I know it’s usually done by bloggers but who cares about the posts I like?! It’s about what you like- so root through some stuff and comment on whatever you find most enjoyable.

If you build it, they will come….