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Can Yoga Become the Answer to Your Sexual Issues?

Talking about the practice of yoga, they often mention its ability to positively influence all spheres of life. Moreover, some of the positive effects attributed to it look very realistic and have undeniable evidence. Nonetheless, sometimes you can find statements that cause many doubts. Thus, it is interesting whether yoga can become a helper in dealing with sexual issues. Let’s find out.

1. It enhances desire and helps achieve orgasm

It works regardless of gender. In a study conducted among women, they found that after 12 weeks of regular yoga, sexual functions improved. It is about desire and arousal, the release of natural lubrication and the achievement of orgasm. Interestingly, improvements were more pronounced in women in their 40s and older. A similar study was conducted among men. Its results also recorded changes for the better. The subjects evaluated desire, sexual intercourse satisfaction, erection, ejaculation control, and synchronization with a partner. If you don’t have a partner, you can try single ladies online chat.

2. It helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvis

Due to the sedentary lifestyle, the pelvic muscles are constantly in a squeezed position. Many asanas “turn on” the pelvic area, which improves blood circulation and strengthens the muscles (women can also train them using special exercises). This directly affects the quality of sex and the ability to achieve orgasm. When a person experiences an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles start working. In yoga, there are special exercises to strengthen them, similar in effect to Kegel exercises.

3. It helps avoid premature ejaculation

Of course, yoga is more popular among women. However, there are fans of this oriental practice among men as well, and they can appreciate its positive impact on their sexual health. A study was conducted among two groups of men suffering from premature ejaculation. One group took the drug, and the other practiced yoga. The results showed that both groups noticed significant improvements. Researchers concluded that yoga is a completely safe and effective way to deal with this ailment.

4. It helps learn how to control breathing

In yoga, great attention is paid to pranayama – breath control. The study confirms that this is not in vain. The breathing techniques practiced in yoga classes help alleviate anxiety and stress. Of course, you are unlikely to start practicing long breaths and sharp exhalations during sexual intercourse, but half an hour of yoga after work will help you forget about the hard day and make room for love and passion.

5. It helps become more energetic

Did you ever face a situation when you felt aroused, but you wanted just to fall asleep because of tiredness? According to study, more than a third of women agree that fatigue negatively affects their sexual activity. And a clinical study at Harvard Medical School showed that patients with chronic insomnia significantly improve sleep quality in just eight weeks of practicing yoga at home. Practicing yoga will help boost your energy and have better sexual life.

6. It helps develop flexibility

Everything is extremely simple here: most asanas contribute to the development of flexibility and maintaining muscle tone. A flexible and toned body is a significant advantage in sex. Besides, you can use asanas in the process itself to add variety to your sex life. The quality of sex depends on many factors. Obviously, you are unlikely to deal with all the issues by practicing yoga alone. But, if you use yoga in conjunction with other methods, you have a significant chance of success.

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