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I have become fast friends with “slow fashion”, thanks to Echo Verde. What is that, do you ask? Slow fashion is the movement gaining ground, realizing that we must consider the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. Those attuned to this deliberately take time in the clothing creation process to ensure fabricated garments have real value. The slow fashion movement doesn’t capitalize on latest trends, only to be garbage in the next season, but instead creates high-quality, timeless pieces from sustainable materials.

Admittedly, I didn’t even know about the term until I came across Echo Verde and started working with its lovely owner. Started in 2009 by the insanely talented Jane Nemis, the company gets its name from the idea that whatever impact is made at the start of the line will “echo” down throughout the chain. Verde, being Italian for green, also serves as a hat tip to Jane’s grandmother, the widowed single mama seamstress who taught her to sew. Echo Verde pumps out affordable, quality, organic clothing and focuses on constantly improving their sustainability to lessen their environmental footprint. On top of all of that, the clothing is beautiful;

I was so thrilled when Jane sent me this bundle, in exchange for my review, as everything feels incredibly luxurious and I am a huge fan of the whole clothing line as is. It was better than all of the holidays in the year combined when the small parcel showed up. Upon opening it to discover this outfit, I actually did one of those lame twirls while holding clothes that I probably should have outgrown about 15 years ago- I’ll admit it!

In this picture I’m wearing the Cora wide infinity scarf, the  Holly cowl sweater and the Gayle glovelets– all of which are midnight blue, made of an organic cotton and cashmere blend. Unlike some lines, all of the blues carried and listed as “midnight” are actually the same colour. Huzzah! I find it incredibly frustrating, and common when shopping elsewhere, that often times it ends up being a close but different shade. I’m actually wearing a pair of fern green pants and a “matching” tank with that problem right now and it’s super annoying. Thankfully, Echo Verde pieces are all perfectly paired!

You’ll see more posts featuring the cowl and glovelets for sure, as I now wear them everywhere. And, with the weather we’ve had here lately, they’re incredibly handy! I recently got over a bad virus and the cowl was worn almost daily, especially going outside. Being so versatile, it can be pulled into a hood to cover my locs from the snow, used as a shawl, a shrug or made into a longer looped scarf. I love it because it’s not too puffy, it isn’t scratchy either and I can add a quick, little pop of colour to any outfit.

The great pairing for the cowl is the glovelet set. They remind me of the Mousquetaire gloves that used to be worn to opera houses, which were ones you could remove your fingers from so as to eat or do anything else that required some dexterity. These already have that done for you and I was able to do up shoes, zip zippers, and pack backpacks while wearing them. Uhm, and who doesn’t need some fingers free for their cell phone once in a while? I was so worried that they may shrink badly, or that they might be ruined while in the washing machine but they came out beautifully clean and unscathed!

The sweater shirt is comfortable, longer than you would think and I find the blend to be one that breathes well enough that I can wear a long sleeve shirt in the house all day. I typically can’t do that and spend much of my time in tanks. It’s warm, lightweight and has a good amount of stretch to it. The beautiful, deep blue will make green or blue eyes really pop and my husband said it’s one of his new favourites on me- so a win there too! My only critique would be, after washing, it continued to roll upwards at the bottom so I had a little rim around my midsection from time to time that I had to flatten. Nothing some steam or an iron with a material layer in between couldn’t fix but I was lazy post-illness and didn’t bother.

That beautiful collection was paired with the Carolyn poncho in eco super fine merino wool, in forest green. This piece has been known to sell out quicktime so, if you love the idea of wearing a blanket around all day but don’t have the guts to be that weird just yet- get this! It’s super warm and snuggly, which is the only reason I was able to take these pictures without a coat on. I absolutely love merino wool- it’s my favourite material for shirts, or socks, and I love the moisture wicking of the fabric. You stay cool, dry and incredibly warm all at the same time. Sorcery! It’s also not at all like the regular, itchy wool we may remember from our childhoods. How awful was that?

Merino wool is truly the new way to go for performance clothing, as well as standard daily wear. It wicks away moisture, being able to hold a substantial amount of its dry weight in sweat before even feeling moist to the touch, and its chemical compound traps the odor-causing molecules of sweat degradation so you’ll feel (and smell) cleaner yourself too. It also washes up easily, unlike the old school wool sweaters that could never be dried in a dryer without turning into doll clothes, while also being naturally stain resistant.

For my readers, Jane has graciously provided a coupon code for the Echo Verde website! Use CRUNCHY at the check out for a whopping 25% off purchases and be sure to shop fast, as the leggings are on clearance and there are limited breathable, incredibly comfortable pairs of those in stock. Those and the long cardigan are definitely on my Wish List.

At the end of the day, we all know that we need to do more for our environment and we need to stop participating in fast fashion practices. I don’t mind spending a bit more than I would buying off of a department store rack if it means getting a piece that’s going to last me a few years, wasn’t made in a dangerous factory overseas, isn’t full of chemicals and won’t fall apart in 3 months. With Echo Verde clothing, I’m investing in timeless pieces that all coordinate easily, will quickly become wardrobe staples and I’m supporting a small Canadian company. I can feel good about wearing them and still feel good while wearing them too.

What about you? Do you have a favourite piece of clothing from the Echo Verde site? Are you a fast fashion type of person or are you slowing things down?

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