I’m tired. Are you tired? I’m really freakin’ tired. Aren’t most women?

Whether we’re working women, SAHMs, a mix of both, new mothers or seasoned veteran warriors, it’s bloody exhausting. I can’t do it all- I certainly can’t do it all and still take care of myself too. Something’s gotta give. I’m here for you and, hopefully, you’ll be here for me. That’s what being a woman is all about, isn’t it? We are always taking care of someone!

No matter how much we love our spouses, our kids, our jobs or our furbabies- there’s nothing quite like the bond with another woman that actually gets it. I get it. And I’m here to help. Whether it be helping with your shopping, by way of knocking off some of the tedious research about what’s good and not nowadays, to providing tips about handling those wild ones we’re rearing, giving a good life hack to help make the day a bit easier, helping to protect your mental health or sharing relationship advice, I’m here to cover some of your bases so you can feel a bit lighter today. I’m on the same road, sister, and I got your back.

Taking a holistic approach to women’s ideal balance within the home and family,  The Crunchy Canuck aims to inform, intrigue and inspire women on their journey to fulfilment. Understanding that, as females, we are uniquely tied to individual physical, emotional and spiritual connection in order to attain true potential, my blog focuses on reaching the gratifying harmony of each crucial aspect of the female psyche.

Oh- and I hope to make you laugh.