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With 5 kids, my husband and I don’t get out alone much. Any other parent, especially new parents, will completely understand this. Summer is insane with all out of school and, although I love my wild things immensely, I crave solitude. As a result, my husband and I having a surprise hour to ourselves was a little slice of heaven. Being able to go to the beach and watch the sunset was the most delicious way to spend the evening.

Whenever we have time together, Bear and I don’t get much of it and we like to rejuvenate somewhere that there’s water-  or a place we can ground ourselves against the earth and the beach is perfect for both. We brought along the camera to grab some nice sunset pictures but I was wanting to simply enjoy the moment. When I opted out of being the photographer, m hubby scooped the opportunity to use my camera. He ended up taking some photos of me, go figure, and is thrilled with them. I am attempting to embrace my body after our last baby so I’m going to share the pics. That, coupled with the fact that I’m wearing my Echo Verde Angel V neck sweater, made me decide to include them and show you this lovely garment. Although I was sent my cute top in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

Echo Verde, as you may know from my previous post, is a company committed to ethical practices and sustainably made, quality clothing. The Angel V Neck Sweater certainly fits the bill and, for me, makes an absolutely perfect bathing suit cover! It’s so light, blended with organic cotton/linen, and dries incredibly fast. It’s PERFECT for the beach or splash pad with the kids as a result!

Although linen is one of my favourite fabrics to wear, I’m always nervous about the wrinkles. Some people wear it wrinkle-free and some don’t. With the V neck sweater, I don’t have to worry about that at all! The knit keeps shape beautifully so I don’t ever have to press it. I simply wash on cool and lay it down until nearly dry. Then I toss it in to tumble when another load is nearly finished drying. For me personally, I find it keeps the fabric tight and soft. Although it’s recommended that it is kept flat to dry, I’ve not had any issues with it.

Wasn’t the sunset gorgeous? The colours were absolutely stunning in person and the water was beautiful. We could have stayed at the beach all night and would have loved to have a campfire on the shore.

I wore my sweater in the water and linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in liquid, but I didn’t find it weighed down at all. The stitching is so fine, without the typical “potato sack” feeling that linen can have in its early days. Washing does soften that, quite a bit, but this particular piece is soft and pleasant to wear from outset.

As you can see, the shirt is see-through enough that you can peek at the swimsuit underneath (in full light, that is) but it hides body issues beautifully and helps with sun coverage. Linen is the best material to beat the heat, breathing naturally and wicking sweat, while also being three times stronger than it’s common cotton counterpart.  The shirt dried exceptionally fast once I was out of the water.

Hate this picture but he loves it so, even though I should have bent forward a bit so my butt didn’t look awful, here it is.

What I love most about Echo Verde, and this item in particular, is that their clothing makes you feel good in every way possible. It’s comfortable, better for the environment, it’s affordable, it’s spot-wash friendly AND I can still feel sexy in it. For a Mama of 5, that’s a serious blessing.

The versatility of this piece lends itself to so many different outfits; with boots, jeans and a long tank or paired with a flowy skirt for a trip to the market would be nice too. It would make the ideal vacation top because it’s so breathable and can be used in a variety of outfit combinations. Plus, it’s super easy to wash and wear in a hotel room if necessary.

There will be another post up soon, with more Echo Verde items and a ton of info about linen. I want to showcase this perfect summer fabric during this insane heatwave we’ve been combatting, so keep your eyes peeled! If you want to get your hands on one of these, they’re even on CLEARANCE right now!
(The cape and sweater combo on sale now is on my wishlist for this week. It will be mine.)

On top of that fantastic deal, my readers can use the coupon code CRUNCHY at check out to receive an additional 25% off!

So how do you wear linen- Do you keep the wrinkles or press them out? What is your favourite piece from the Echo Verde collection?

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