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My Word For 2018


Just kidding.  Too soon?

As a Canadian, we can only shake our heads and feel sadness. Then make jokes, to cope with that.

Word Over Resolution

I wrote a New Year Word post previously, on my last blog, and decided I wanted to do the same thing this year. I’m not great with making firm resolutions and sticking to them, nor do I love the feel of setting those long-term rules for myself at the start of the year- what I will do, or not do, give up or acquire. I like the single word, that I can focus on and set forth as my intention for the feel of my year because I find it more inspiring, attainable and less restrictive. I turn it into my own, little mantra and always think to myself; “Does this go along with your word? Is this productive or destructive where the intention of this day is concerned?”. I find it easier to keep myself on task that way, to focus on the person that I wish to be and how I must live in order to become her. So that’s what I’m doing again this year.

According to Elite Daily and the fact I’m a Virgo, my Word for 2018 would be “drama”.Awh man, what? They say;

“I’m not talking about the “I literally hate drama,” sense of the word. I’m talking about fun. Virgo, this is the year you finally put down the to-do lists and let the f*ck loose. Stop resisting enjoying your life. You look like a screaming child being dragged to a warm bath.”

Oh, Elite, that’s so 2017. I did enough letting loose and rediscovering myself, dropping routines and just engaging again. I think it’s time to really empower that woman I’ve remembered and blossom to my complete self. As such, I’ve decided that my word for 2018 is NOURISH. I’m going to focus on the nourishment of self, in mind, body, emotions and spirit. I would also like to focus on the nourishment of others, of course, waking each day to set that forth as my intention for that moment and the year.

Definition of Nourish

According to the Mirriam Webster’s online dictionary, “nourish” is a transitive verb meaning;
1 : nurture, rear
2 : to promote the growth of
a : to furnish or sustain with nutriment
b : maintain, support


  • Positive thinking. This is just a clear way of making sure to nourish the mind, rewiring negative thinking and bringing about beneficial changes to both one’s mood and mental state.
  • Law of Attraction/Manifestation; By focusing on this, I will nourish my mind, expand awareness and potentially bring more benefit to my life, home and family.
  • Reading. Well, obviously, this is a great way to nourish the brain. I’m currently reading the new Dan Brown book, Origin, as well as 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. I always read two books at once- one “fluff piece” and one that I can learn from, alternating depending on my mood.


  • Yoga will help to nourish my physical being, bringing more strength, peace and balancing the four bodies of existence that I’m speaking of now (mind, body, spirit and emotions).
  • Food; We do an excellent job in our house of making sure we nourish ourselves with healthy, primarily organic choices. I want to take it a step further and connect with Gaia more so by the elimination of flesh from our diets. I’m not certain we will go entirely vegan but we have vegan weeks and they were embraced by our 5 little ones so we will progress towards that goal, eventually. I want to focus on making sure I nourish my body and my spirit with fresh, raw, healthy foods.


  • Relationships are going to be a big focus for 2018, as I build a more supportive tribe. I want to make sure that I form ones that nourish the four bodies of existence in my life and waste less time with those that do not. I started a negativity purge over the last couple of years, tiring of the draw it has on myself and my family, and I’ve been so much happier for it. I’m going to start to rebuild and nourish the relationships that bring joy, positivity, support, encouragement and love to the Bear household.
  • Toxic relationships. With those, I will eliminate or lessen contact, as well as extend forgiveness. I’ve worked on becoming thankful for some of the trials that I have been through and I let go of many more, in an attempt to nourish my emotional being. It has brought more peace to my life and made me feel lighter. I’m also finding that I am less concerned with conflict and less likely to engage.
  • Motherhood is a huge focus for me this year, as I feel that I have spread myself a bit thinner than I find comfortable and I’m less mentally present than I used to be. I want to nourish my relationship with my children, individually and as a family unit, as much as we used to before Aradia’s birth. Mindful and meaningful moments will be the focus of my nourishment for 2018, greatly enriching all of our lives.


  • Meditation is a fairly common form of self-care and a way to nourish the spirit. It’s pretty self-explanatory and I haven’t been taking time for myself in the mornings anymore like I used to do. I want to start that again and have already been doing so.
  • Nourishing my frequency. Although it sounds off the wall, everything in the universe resonates at certain frequencies and gives out its own signature, including the human heart and even our cells. A diseased, toxic body will resonate at a different frequency than a healthy one. By nourishing my body, mind and spirit, as well as focusing on positive emotions and relationships that nourish that positivity, I’m hoping to nourish my frequency. I’m also going to do so using essential oils, which all vibrate at their own frequencies, to aid in causing emotional changes, or spiritual ones. Like attracts like and taking steps to raise my vibrations will bring effective changes and “good vibes” into the year.
  • Divine Feminine. I’m going to nourish my relationship with Shakti, reconnecting with the earth and nurturing my being. I will use salt lamps, which activate the Divine Feminine, yoni care, dance, wearing certain crystals and empowering other women. I will also be seeking and appreciating the beauty in nature, as well as spending more time grounding myself. I will be paying more attention to my cycle, as well as the lunar cycle, and how the two coincide. Of course, I also feel sexual relationships pay a large role in honouring and connecting to sacred feminine energy so I want to nourish that relationship with my partner, reaching new peaks and nourishing his being in the process too.

There you have it, that’s my word; NOURISH. I feel it will help propel me forward, with clarity and purpose towards a fulfilling year.

What word pulls you this year? Have you given any thought to your word?

If you have made resolutions instead, I would love to hear about them!

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